eBook: The 5 pillars of employee behavior change

How to build a culture of wellbeing at your company

You know there’s a problem—the always-on mentality, stress, organizational design, and other factors of the modern working environment mean that your employees are struggling to be successful, productive, and happy at work. Most of us are acutely aware of these employee engagement and wellbeing shortcomings. But even with this awareness, the programs we put in place to address these issues don’t have the long-term impact we’re hoping for.

So how can organizations build a foundation of wellbeing that improves company performance in the short and long-term? We explore this question in our white paper, “The 5 Pillars of Employee Behavior Change.” Download your copy to learn why some of the common approaches to employee wellbeing aren’t working, and what to do instead if you’d like to see tangible, lasting results.

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The 5 Pillars of Employee Behavior Change

This free eBook contains:

  • A crash course in health behavior change research & findings
  • The real reasons your existing programs aren’t working
  • Proven methods to keep your employees engaged and motivated

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