Program: Resilience

Resilience: The Science of Happiness

Take on employee mental health and lost productivity at its root: destructive habits. Built in partnership with specialists at the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Institute, this 12-week program engages employees in what science shows improves our long-term mental resilience and happiness. Based on two decades of cutting-edge research–and similar to the resilience training mandatory for all new army recruits– this program guides employees through developing daily habits that have been clinically proven to reduce the risk of depression, anxiety, and increase resilience so they can take on any challenge that comes their way.

We get behavior change.

We put our public health experience to use and ensure our programs are all evidence-based and empower individuals to care.

Coaching works.

LifeDojo Behavior Change Specialists help motivate and inform, in one-on-one and group coaching sessions.

Our On the go.

Our platform is versatile and goes everywhere with your employees.

New habits in 12 weeks

Each LifeDojo program implementation consists of these four steps, tailored to the needs and communication style of your organization.


The first 1 to 2 weeks of the Resilience program focus on getting your employees motivated and invested in the life changes that they will make. Our lessons use animation, humor and story to engage your employees in topics like: the science behind negative and positive thinking; how your level of resilience affects your work and relationships with others; concrete ways that all of us can use to increase our happiness in life.

Make it Stick!

With their personal motivation and habit change plan in place, employees are supported by both the online platform and the LifeDojo behavior change specialist coaching team. Coaching sessions guide employees to make their new habits stick. LifeDojo Change Specialists are trained in a variety of evidence-based methods to help your employees learn to take action on their new habits, every day.


LifeDojo is your partner from start to finish. As soon as a launch date is chosen, we get to work. We collaborate with your wellness team to determine the most appropriate avenues for pre-launch communications and internal marketing. We lend our expertise to every communication and event needed to ensure your employees are aware of and excited about the program.

Choose a Habit

Once employees understand more about the real mental and emotional impact of exercise, the LifeDojo platform guides them through choosing specific resilience habits to fully incorporate into their daily lives. Because they’re choosing the actual activities themselves, they are personally invested in succeeding long term. Because they’re laser focused on one new habit making small steps (not huge lifestyle changes), they are 5x more likely to stick to their plan than other programs.. And because they are choosing from our list of evidence-based habit suggestions, they’re sure to pick something that is proven to work.


Changing habits one at the time.

  • "We just finished the first six months, and the feedback I've gotten has been amazing. There's been life changing habits, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve"

    Mary Komoto, Chief Financial Officer

  • "LifeDojo gives the average employee world-class coaching at their fingertips. I talk to employees every week who are making serious health improvements in their lives, which has been incredibly rewarding"

    Tammy Chang, Behavior Change Specialist

  • “My health is important to me and my family because I want to live a long healthy life. ...The videos help you make little changes, step by step.”

    Cristina Aldaco, Employee

  • Mary Komoto

    Mary Komoto

    Chief Financial Officer Komoto Healthcare

  • Tammy Chang

    Tammy Chang

    LifeDojo Change Specialist

  • Cristina A., employee

    Cristina Aldaco


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